3.8.2 Conclusion

My Perspective
After consciously avoiding discussion with interested parties form the energy industry I have arrived at a result that has not evolved from a business perspective, which indeed was the intention. I would be ignorant to say that the industry would not have given valuable input, but as they are responsible for a large and complex infrastructure I believe this was the right choice for my perspective.

Structural Strain
Using the blog medium as my main communication channel has had its advantages, but also challenges. The result is presented in a style that reflects similar small communities. This exploits the format well and enforces the strength of the evidence.  As a research tool it has two main advantages, there is a short distance to a lot of readers and the addition of active and dynamic content can enrich a text. As a primary source for official documentation of the process it has proved bit more challenging as the tradition of documenting a diploma is in a linear fashion. Instead of embracing the format fully in the documentation I have reworked the structure so it is possibly more similar to a traditional text to navigate. This is not optimal and the structure is therefore also presented in this book.

Challenged preconceptions
Through the scenario presented at untappedenergy.org I have explored some of the design opportunities found during the research. untappedenergy.org as well as behind.untappedenergy.org are entry points to a discourse on how we designers, as well as consumers, can be challenged to reshape our preconceptions of energy in our homes. The combined result and documentation of this diploma scratches the surface of a mostly unexplored field of design that has a bright future.

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