3.7.12 Jitter Plugz

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The Jitter PLugz Website

The Jitter PLugz Website

This is an evidence that explore aspects of design opportunities related to the possibilities in the connection of virtual wires in a smart grid. Through the product Jitter Plugz I suggest a service that you install as a “widget” or small program in your energy dashboard. This widget is linked to a small portable electrical socket that you can plug in wherever you are, at work or on vacation, and will feed you only the energy produced by your generating devices in your home. The communication is also made available though your Twitter[1] feed for added visibility. This can be a motivation factor as you can show and share your daily production. A version of the widget is also provided for communities and is added to the sidebar display current events. When it is clicked it takes you to the jitterplugzcom front page with a brief explanation of what it does. These evidences are not functional.

Tweet-A-Watt project

© Tweet-A-Watt project

Reference Project
The Tweet-A-Watt project has received lots of attention after it won the greener gadgets design competition this year. It’s concept is to measure consumption and send a Tweet about it on Twitter.

The jitterPlugz, in addition to send electricity from one socket to the other, can Tweet about is production and exchange electricity as well. Using twitter there is also the possibility to let the devices autonomously communicate through twitter to make a visible and updated stream of information. Other Jitterz could request energy from any such plug, and it’s owner could use Twitter to respond to those requests.

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