3.7.10 Fictional Discourse

As the intention is to emulate an active community that is excited and proud if their participation in this project, they comment on posts and discuss their shared experiences through images and text.

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Personas are a documented set of archetypical people who are involved with a product or service[1].

Based on the interviews I got three typical archetypes and one based on my own demographic:

The pro-active
The energy consumer that pay for better utilisation of energy

The post-active
The sober consumer who makes the best of the existing structures

The “Heritage”
The one who are imprinted with a different paradigm for energy consumption and tries to adapt.

The Technical
The one who enjoys exploring new technology and inform others about it. Also seen as the early adaptor as new technology costs money and not everyone will jump on the band wagon before it starts.

See more of their background at untappedenergy.org.

References in this post
  1. Saffer, D. (2007). Designing for Interaction. Berkley: New Riders. [*]

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