1.3.4 Electricity from a business perspective

I have discovered that there is an discrepancy between the actual map of where a consumer is positioned in the grid from a business perspective and how consumers perceive electricity.This is quite obvious looking at charts provided by industry organisations.

Smart Grid Complexity

Smart Grid Complexity

This is part of why I have not cooperated with actors in the industry in this project, as they are obligated to consider the existing and future infrastructure and market mechanisms which are complex.

I did however try do find out what opportunities I had as a private home owner in Oslo. Most of Oslo is operated electrically by Hafslund AS. I requested if there was a device that automatically read my consumption data and their answer was:

We offer a remote reading of your meter, that reads once every hour.The data will be automatically sent to us.

Once every hour is not very impressive, and they send it back to them? Well I want something I could review in real time. Further:

If you want such a meter its cost is 2500.- NOK. But with-in 2013 all meters will be replaced with smart meters[1].

This was interesting, but the price and low use value discouraged me for buying such a meter. I’ll wait to 2013 then.

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