1.3.6 Ambitions

I will try to change the existing preconceptions and challenge current paradigms of the energy discourse, but that is a daunting task. But I will argue that the result suggests a scenario where the end consumer is a producer and as equal to the next user or producer as in a file sharing network online. That would be the starting point for further design work in a new discourse in the field of energy in our homes.

The best efforts today are done to make consumers aware of their consumption and the assumption that this alone reduces consumption with 5-15%[1]. The motivation for doing so are usually from user perspective; to save money, or from the producer perspective; to save money. Some initiatives focus on the motivation of reducing the environmental impact. I want to empower the consumer with full control over his or hers consumption and encourage to home production of energy under the motivation of contribution, status and community spirit.

References in this post
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