3.7.9 Evaluation of ”Green energy for my..”

See this evidence for context.

The Video

Is successful in implying an user operating the various features.The hand-held shaking of the camera adds to the probability of being filmed by an amateur

Virtual Wire

The panels needs a more detailed explanation. In these to pictures, some of the details are .. detailed.

Details of the metering panel

Details of the metering panel

Details of the "Virtual Wire" Panel

Details of the "Virtual Wire" Panel

Greener Action base

In the video the user connects the water boiler to the solar panel by drag & drop method. The idea is that the water boiler’s base will see this connection and only light up green when enough electricity is produced by the solar panel. This is shown in the accompanying picture in the post. The user can then be confident that the green tea he does drink is in fact greener.

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