3.7.4 The motivation behind ”Interfacing my home..”

This text relates to “Interfacing my home grid”

As previously discussed, visual feedback of consumption have an impact on consumption (up to 20% reduction). To have access to real time information give you the best opportunity to act then and there, but also give a great amount of historical data that might be used to enhance parameters in the future.

I am fascinated by statistics and connections and would like all artefacts to be approachable and have an interface which I could tap into. As of today, in my view, this idea is best served by a mobile phone with NFC capability. In that context, any item can have a rich interface that does not depend upon the artefact’s physical traits outside of containing a RFID tag. Using a phone or other device to read the tag via very short range radio waves the ID of the artifact can be looked up in a database and connected to a stream of dynamic or static information that can be sent to the screen of the phone.

Building on the story of installing the solar panels the person would like to see how much electricity that is produced. This could be done at a stationary computer or other display, but by moving away from the desk the idea is to give the person this ability where he or she is to avoid interrupting the joy of the product in place.

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