3.7.3 Evaluation of ”Solar panels installed..”

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Point of interest

Points of interest

1. Solar panel installation
In just emulating a solar panel installation the image does a good job. The advantage of shopping rather than installing a real or model panel is freedom of composition. The picture includes the parts I needed to tell the story and little else.

2. Inlet/Outlet Socket
A feedback on this part of the image is that it is a bit ambiguous what the lights signify. One could be that green means “This socket delivers green energy right now”. So further work could consist of making a less ambiguous language of the signifier.

The image and narrative suggest a snapshot of the resent installation of solar panel in my persona’s living room. A video of the persona connecting the lead from the PV panel to the Inlet/Outlet would have explained the function of the LEDs better than just the photo.

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